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Trekking in Bhutan

What makes Bhutan the trekking holiday destination is its unique geographical feature, unexplored trekking routes, and beautiful place.  Trekking in Bhutan involves treading through passes as high 5500m above sea level with spectacular landscape and breathtaking views of Himalayas. There are low lying trekking to high altitude trek like Snowman Trek that covers 356Km and climb three of the Kingdoms highest passes. During Spring , Summer and Autumn one can enjoy the alpine meadows filled with countless varieties of flowers, birds and butterflies, view of high mountain peaks, pristine lakes and lus green valleys.

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Rodungla trekking
Rodungla Trek| 7 Days

It is a 10-days trek in eastern Bhutan that is tough and involves a tremendously long, steep descent. Though it was an important trade route before the National Highway was built, few people travel this way anymore but offer a chance to visit the remote dzong.

Bhutan Trekking Tours
Nub Tshonapata Trek | 5 Days

Nub Tsho Na Pata trek, Haa. Part of the Jigme Khesar Strict Nature Reserve, the only strict nature reserve in the country. Home of the snow leopards. Abode of Ap Chundu.

Jumolhari Base Camp Trek
Jumolhari Base Camp Trek | 7 Days

It is a 6-days Trek from Paro to Jumolhari base camp at Jangothang, returning via the same route or by an alternative trail to Paro. The view of Jumolhari mountain (7314 M) from Jangothang is spectacular.

Bumthang Owl trek
Bumthang Owl Trek | 3 days

This afternoon, trek along the ridge of Kiki La and finally follow the traditional trek route between Trongsa and Bumthang (the Royal Heritage Trail) and culminating in a superb view of Jakar Dzong that will end your three day trek with many unforgettable memories.

Gangtye trek
Gangtey Trek| 2 Days

It is a 3 days trek at relatively low elevations, which visits several remote villages. This is not a very popular Trek but very easy. This trek can be done with kids above 6 years also.

Jele Dzong during Bhutan Trek
Sinchula Trek | 3 Days

With few winter trek option, Sinchula is one of the trek routes in Punakha. The highest point is 3315M and the highlight of this trek is Kabjihoka Lake.

Salt Trek Route| 8 Days

The Term “salt trek route” is derived from the purpose it served prior to the construction of the national highway from Trashigang to Samdrup Jongkhar. The people of the Eastern Dzongkhags used to make voyages via this route to take salt and silk from the border town of Samdrup Jongkhar.

Dur Hotspring trek
Dur Hot Spring Trek| 8 Days

Dur Hot spring trek is one of the beautiful trek in Bhutan. It is the oldest route to Majestic Mt. Gangkar Puensum through several Hot spring where locals use to visit. This is 16 days Bhutan Trip combined with cultural tour.

Nabji Korphu Trek | 5 Days

Nabji Korphu Trek is the beautiful winter trek in Bhutan located in Jigme Singye National Park. This park proudly boasts a rich ecological environment; located in Central Bhutan it’s also home to several culture rich agricultural villages,Birds and animals like Rufous Necked Hornbill,Golden Langurs,Red Panda and Black Necked Crane.

Hiking Tour

You can combine any tour with day hike. We have multiple of hiking activities where you can explore the monasteries and temples during this short hiking tour.

Best time to trek in Bhutan

The best time to trek in Bhutan is Spring and autumn. Spring in Bhutan starts from March to May and Autumn from September to November. The month does not stop the trekkers from exploring Bhutan. Here we shall provide you with details of trekking during the offseason.

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Which Trek can you do in the month of December, January and February(Winter in Bhutan)?
Trek Bhutan in winter

Winter months is not recommended for Bhutan trekking tours as all high passes are covered with snow and access to the trekking routes are blocked. Though winter are cold but still have few winter trek at low altitude where trek is possible.

Which Trek can you do in the month of March, April and May (Spring time in Bhutan)?
Bhutan trekking tours

Spring is considered the best time to trek in Bhutan. Spring is beautiful with flower blooming everywhere. This is the best opportunity to sight Blue poppy the national flower of Bhutan which is found only in mountains. All Bhutan trekking tours can be done in spring.

Which Trek can you do in the month of June, July and August (Summer and monsoon time in Bhutan)?
Similar Trek in Bhutan

With monsoon rain ramming the whole central part, Bhutan trekking tours will be impossible during peak monsoon rain which starts from mid-July to August. One can choose to trek a few trekking routes like Druk Path Trek in the month of June to avoid heavy rain.

Which Trek can you do in the month of September, October and November (Autumn in Bhutan)?
Best time to trek Bhutan is in Autumn

Autumn is the best time to choose any trekking routes available in Bhutan because this time of the year is very favorable with a clear blue sky and warm temperature. 

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