Small Group tours and Trekking

Small Group Tours in Bhutan

Travel to Bhutan with like-minded people on one of our small group tours (usually max size 16), featuring knowledgeable local guides and an expert tour leader. Take advantage of cost as group tours are cheaper than private tours. The group tour Uncover new and exciting adventures in Bhutan by taking part in our small group tours. Go sightseeing at your own pace surrounded by travelers like you.

Bhutan Tours & Itineraries

Find more than 50 plus Bhutan Group Tour itineraries designed by the teams of Excursion to Himalayas to give you the ideas of Bhutan trips. 

Plan your Trip to Bhutan

Talk to our Bhutan Tour Specialist and let us help you to plan the trip to Bhutan.


Group tours in Bhutan

6 Days Bhutan Tour

Route: 2N Thimphu-1N Punakha-2N Paro

Explore the popular cities of Thimphu, Punakha and Paro during 6 days visit to Bhutan. Visit the most iconic Punakha Dzong followed by longest suspension bridge that connects two remote villages with Dzong.

Tour Bhutan with Groups

8 Days Mountain Kingdom Tour

Route: 2N Thimphu-1N Punakha-1N Gangtey-1N Trongsa-3N Paro

Find the best of Bhutan journeying through popular places like Chelela Pass in Paro, Dochula Pass in Thimphu and visit the Village and temples in the Kingdom

Discover Bhutan with friends

Discover Bhutan in 12 Days

Route: 2N Thimphu-1N Punakha-1N Gangtey-1N Trongsa-2N Bumthang-2N Paro-2N Haa.

Explore the Kingdom by visiting farms and villages, ancient Dzongs and monasteries well architect in the forms of arts and paintings.

Central Bhutan Tour

10 Days Central Bhutan Tour

Route: 2N Paro-2N Punakha-1N Gangtey-1N Trongsa-2N Bumthang-2N Paro

Wander to the remote villages of central Bhutan. Explore the wine making culture of locals, taste the red panda beer and visit the Cheese making factory.

Explore Bhutan in 4 Days

Explore Bhutan in 4 Days

Route: 2Nights Thimphu| 1 Night Paro

Visit the popular city of Thimphu and Paro. Explore the premium museums, the national library, and the 15th-century monastery at Pangrijampa ” The castle of the Dragon”.

Dragon Kingdom Tour

Experience this Dragon Kingdom in 9 Days


Punakha is the old capital and most fertile land of Bhutan. Visit the place and explore the best of Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan on this journey.

Group Tours

Best of Bhutan Tour in 7 Days

Route: 1N Haa | 2N Paro| 1N Thimphu| 2 N Punakha

Tour the most amazing places in Bhutan with professional guide. This 7 days Bhutan tour takes you to the best of Punakha, Paro and Thimphu.

Bhutan Family Vacation

Luxury 9 Days Family Vacation

Route: 2N Phobjikha| 1N Punakha|2N Thimphu|2N Paro| 1N Haa

Its very safe and comfortable to travel Bhutan with luxury family Vacation. Here is the groups who travelled 9 days to Bhutan with just 5 years old daughter.

Cultural Tour of Bhutan

5 Days Bhutan Village Tour

Route: 2N Paro | 2N Thimphu

Explore the villages and farms of Bhutan through the lens of our expert Guide. Find the exciting tours in 2 cities of Thimphu and Paro.

Frequently Asked Question about Small Group Tours of Bhutan

What is the Advantage of having Group Tours to Bhutan?

Bhutan being the expensive destination, many feel that traveling solo adds lots of cost to the tour. If you have groups of more than 10 people 1 person gets 50% discount on both tour cost and flight fare. Having groups will decrease the overall expenses. 

Can different nationality form the groups to travel Bhutan?

Yes groups can be from any nationality and there is no restriction in forming the groups to visit Bhutan.

What Kind of Hotels do you provide for the Group?

We offer the rooms in same hotel and all hotels for Bhutan trip are approved by Tourism Council of Bhutan. They are rated above 3 Star. Groups can also upgrade the Hotels to 4 or 5 Star upon paying extra.

What is the maximum size in a Group?

The comfortable size for Bhutan trip is 16 people at the maximum in a group. The groups will be accommodated in same vehicle and in same hotel. There will be 1 guide for to cater to the needs of the clients.

How long will Group Visa take to process?

Depending on the season the visa process takes about 3 to 6 working days after the submission of the documents.

What Documents is required to process the Bhutan Visa?

Valid passport with more than 6months validity while exiting Bhutan is required to process the Visa. You also need to fill up the Visa forms and require flight details to process your Visa.

Choose your Dream Journey to Bhutan

Bhutan trekking tours

Trekking in Bhutan

After the small group tours you might want to explore the mountains and villages of the country , here is your chance to explore Bhutan by trekking.

Festival Tour

Festival Tour in Bhutan

Festival is one of the important events for Bhutanese people. People from all walks of life come and witness the celebration. You can be part of this festival. Combine your tour with festival of Bhutan.

Luxury adventure Tours

Luxury Adventure Tour

Enjoy your adventure tour with luxury accommodation. The spa and massage offered by the luxury hotels is comforting.

small luxury group tour to Bhutan

Luxury Small Group Tour

A maximum of 16 people in groups is formed in this luxury tour of Bhutan. The tours can also be customized with the lesser groups.