Bhutan Luxury Tours

Enjoy the Luxury Bhutan Tour with your local designer

Bhutan is the small Himalayan Kingdom sandwiched between two large giants, China in the north and India in the south. This mysterious Kingdom has remained isolated for hundreds of years and very few know about the existence of this tiny Himalayan Kingdom. Being the secluded kingdom away from the rising world economic Bhutan still struggles to cope with modernization. Bhutan is the only country without a traffic light and with few luxury Hotels to choose from. Very few are lucky to experience the luxury tour of Bhutan.

Many luxury brands of Hotels like Amankora, Uma by Como, Six Sense, Le Meridian by Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary Hotel have taken the place in this peaceful land of Bhutan. Apart from Luxury Chains of Hotel Bhutan also have local luxury brand Hotels like Gangtey Goenpa Lodge in Phobjikha, Zhiwaling Hotel at Paro, and RKPO Green Resort at Punakha which is at par with International Chains of Hotel. You can combine any of these luxury brand hotels in your tour of Bhutan and experience the different hospitality offered by these hotels.

Recomended Luxury Hotel for the Tour

  • Bhutan Luxury Tours

    Luxury Hotel in Thimphu

    Six Sense Hotel

    Best luxury Design Hotel in Thimphu
  • Bhutan Luxury Tours

    Amankora in Thimphu

    Amankora Hotel

    The Luxury Hotel Blended with Bhutanese Style
  • Bhutan Luxury Tours


    Le Meridian Hotel

    Thimphu Le Meridian is located centrally within the City. Check the Property
  • Bhutan Luxury Tours

    Uma by COMO

    Como Hotel at Punakha

    Best Property at Punakha

Find the Luxury Bhutan Tours

land at Paro airport

12 Days Amankora Journey covers all the major cities of Bhutan with over night stay at Aman property.

Six sense is recently established properties in Bhutan. The 8 days tour of Bhutan with Six sense is one of the luxury wonders.

Bhutan Luxury Tours with Uma by Como Hotels

The tour covers Thimphu, Paro and day trip to Punakha. You will spend 2 nights Paro Le Meridian and 2 Nights at Thimphu Le meridian.

Bhutan Visit in Summer

7 Days classic Bhutan tour with Uma by Como. Enjoy the unique hospitality of Uma blended with Bhutanese touch.

Enjoy the luxury of Bhutan with one of the international chains of hotels like TAJ. The route covers Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Phobjikha.