Bhutan Cultural Tours

Bhutan is a unique travel destination because of its geographical feature and unique culture. The Bhutanese beleive in offering food to deities, Lamas before eating, people also offer water and incense in every mountains they visit. This unique culture have attracted many people around the world to visit Bhutan.

7 Days Bhutan Tour
7 Days Bhutan Tour

Check the best of Bhutan in 7 days tour in the land of Drukyul.

3 Days Bhutan tour with Tiger nest Hike
3 Days Bhutan Tour with Tiger Nest Hike

This is a short Bhutan tour that gives you the best of Tiger Nest temple hikes. 

5 Days Bhutan Travel
5 Days Bhutan Tour with Haa

Visit the majestic Punakha Dzong, Amazing Dochula Pass offering you the 360 degree view of Himalayas.

9 Days Bhutan Journey
9 Days Classic Bhutan tour

Indulge yourself into the classic beauty of Bhutan during your Bhutan Tour.

Bhutan Tours
3 Days Quick Bhutan Tours and trek at Paro.

Quick Bhutan Tour Plan which covers the best of Bhutan within a short period of time.

Bhutan Tours in Spring
6 Days Bhutan Visit with Gangtey valley excursion

Gangtey is the most beautiful valley in western Bhutan and this tour itinerary takes you there in this 6 days Bhutan tour.

12 Days Bhutan Tour
12 Days Bhutan Tours with Bumthang valley.

Bumthang valley is one of most beautiful valley of Bhutan. One can either take flight or drive. This tour takes you deep into the central Bhutan.

10 days Bhutan Tour
10 Days Bhutan tours from Overland

Best of Bhutan tours. 10 days program covers Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtye , Trongsa and Bumthang. The itinerary consist of mostly heritage visit of Dzongs and Monastery.

Bhutan cultural Heritage Tour
8 Days Cultural Heritage Tour

Cultural Heritage tour of Bhutan.

Country Tours with solo traveller
Best of Bhutan

Visit the farm house to experience the rural life of Bhutan.

Tiger nest Hike Tour
8 Days Hiking Tour

The most popular hike to Tiger Nest temple

Amazing Bhutan tours

Visit the amazing Bhutan tours with best guide.

Bhutan Tour from India

If you are living in India and want quick visit to Bhutan here are your option to choose and spend your Vacation
Bhutan Tour Package from Delhi

Bhutan is just 3 hours flight from Delhi Airport. Getting Bhutan tours from Delhi is very easy. Travellers from India had been enjoying the vacation to Bhutan.

Gangtye trek
Bhutan Tour Package from Mumbai

There is no direct flight to Bhutan from Mumbai. Tourist have to have layover at Delhi or Kolkatta to get to Bhutan. Get the best of Bhutan tours package of your choice.

Adventure Tour
Bhutan Tour Package from Kolkatta

Kolkatta to Bhutan flight is one of beautiful flight crossing the plains to Himalayas. With 50 minutes on air you will reach Paro airport.

8 Days Bhutan Tour
Bhutan Tours from Bangalore

12 Days Bhutan Tour itinerary from Bangalore. Getting to Bhutan from Bangalore can be lengthy considering the distance. The best route is to take a direct flight to Kolkatta and take the next day flight to Bhutan.

Overland Journey to Bhutan from India

Bhutan can be best combined with Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, North East, and Assam. If you are visiting this city of India and extending your tour to Bhutan then here is the information you need to Know before entering Bhutan by overland via this destination.

Overland Journey from West Bengal

There is only one point of entry from West Bengal to Bhutan. It is 3 hours journey from Siliguri(India) to Phuntsholing Bhutan. Upon reaching the border visa we need to exit your Indian visa before entering Bhutan.

Overland Journey from Guwahati to Bhutan

If you are visiting North East India and have plan to visit Bhutan than Samdrupjongkhar is the only entry points to enter Bhutan. Upon reaching the border you need to stamp exit seal from Indian Immigration office before entering Bhutan.

Overland Journey to Bhutan from Assam

Gaylegphu is the only entry points to Bhutan from Assam. The plains of Assam is one of the attraction for tourist to visit Assam. Bhutan is just few kilometer from assam.

Overland Journey from Sikkim to Bhutan

Phuntsholing is one of busiest and most crowded entry points of Bhutan. Tourist from both International and domestic flock here to get the entry points. This is the easy entry points from Sikkim, Darjeeling and Kalimpong.